Rust + JavaScript: a Love Story


Learn how to run Rust functions from your JavaScript code using the new hotness, WASM

Building a GraphQL Server on Deno Deploy


Combining two hot technologies to create a hypestack application

It Might Be Time to Stop Checking Your Site's Bundle Size


Taking a look at when performance might not matter

JavaScript Dev Does Rust: Statements, expressions, and return values


I have started to dip my toes into Rust-land and I will be jotting down some of my aha’s and gotchas, like this example!

COBOL’in 🏀: What a 60 year old language taught me about JavaScript


How my experience as a mainframe developer shapes my JavaScript code

AWS CDK with Go: Hello World


A quick start and some things to watch out for when using the AWS Cloud Development Kit for Go

How I Added Themes to My Website Using Tailwind


A brief look at my them

Yet Another Portfolio Redesign


Web developers love to change their website, right? Describing my motivation and goals behind the latest iteration of

Building Notarize 📓: a simple note-taking experience


The process of building a note-taking app and my first experience with implementing authentication

Quick CSS Transition Explainer


Everything you need to get up and running with simple CSS transition, explained through an embedded CodePen

Recreating the macOS Mail User Interface


A faithful mockup of the Big Sur macOS Mail application, whipped up in an evening using TailwindCSS

Rebuilding My Personal Site with Next.js and TailwindCSS


The process and lessons learned from another portfolio rebuild. Tech stack talk and code snippets included